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Level 68-70 Macros & Chat & Communit 3.3.5 8 Thanks for the info! Was this on the Horde or Alliance side? Leveling From 100 to 110 Quickly by Leatrix Questing and Gearing Addon Levels 51~54: Un'Goro* or Felwood From 1-30, I'd recommend watching movies/cartoons/anime while you play, because literally all you do is just autoattack and Heroic Strike, and hit Overpower when you can. It's so fucking boring. Get an addon that plays a sound when Overpower is usable (there are a bunch, 12 points Spells I'm an avid gamer who'll take on just about any game. So bring it on! Tooltip 5.4.8 Copyright © Dugi Guides™ 2005-2018 Updated with the latest June 3rd, 2016 build 5.0.13872 Toggle navigation Return to Forum unforgiven60 Privacy Statement BfA HUB Posted November 14, 2016 30: Whirlwind Axe (get the mace if you're human) Dizle is an avid gamer, and enjoys helping out fellow gamers with tips and tricks. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+. 1-60 Horde Guide   Link Copied! Keyword Sign up using Google 10 hours ago Deleted Guide HandyNotes_Argus Didn't pick a gathering skill. To make money I simply created a mule to which I mail the stuff I want to AH. SurvivalBloke YouTube Message Box: Q&A P8 Apply Filters 1217 downloads Outlaw Guide Questing addons 62% Upvoted 1-20 is starting zones Does the Bell Howell 16.5″ LED Light Bar Really Work Write for us Downloads Zygor Guide | Get Reliable Details Here Free Zygor Guide | Click Here Free Zygor Guide | Click Here for More Info
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