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Jaina: Reunion Conclusion Jan 25 2 BTW, one of the issues I had when I tried the trial version of your guide is that it did not seem to take the character’s actual level in consideration. I remember a number of times going to the NPC I was directed too and seeing a white Exclamation point rather than yellow. Or, in some cases, no exclamation point at all. Not knowing why frustrated me. Store Finder, Flyers Beast Mastery Hunter Holy PvP 4:13 Cast Siegebreaker. Floor Care, Seasonal & Parts The following 4 users say Thank You to blizz889 for this post: 2 wow news My Wishlist Groupon Bucks Earned: Sign Up Updated 06-14-18 05:06 PM Hearthstone Championship Tour jselezo Monk posts Updated 06-21-18 08:13 AM User account menu Company Earn rewards with Champions (2048 × 1537) Jun 18 New Player Terms and Abbreviations Greetings and welcome to Warcraft! As a new player you may have seen many acronyms and abbreviations, this short guide (using information from oflegends with full permission) should be helpful in your quest to understand what the heck people are saying :) If anyone notices any missing from this list please let me know. General Terms AFAIK - As Far As I Know AFK – Away From Keyboard Asap - As soon as possible ATM – At the Moment BBS – Be Back Soon Bio - Biological function break (Bathroom, etc.) BS - Can mean either Blacksmith or Bull Poopie, depending on context BRB – Be Right Back BRT - Be right there BTW – By The Way BYO – Buy/Bring Your Own D/C - Disconnected (from the game) EULA - End User License Agreement, a legal document of most games ERP – Erotic Role Play FPS - First-Person Shooter (games), or Frames per Second (WoW) depending on context FYI – For Your Information FTL - For the Loss/Lose (meaning you dislike something) FTW - For the Win (meaning you think something is awesome) GG – Good Game GJ – Good Job GL - Good Luck GTFO – Get the Flip Out/Off GTG/G2G - Means either "good to go" or "got to go", depending on context GZ - Grats H/O – Hold on IDC – I don’t care (IDRC can also be used for “I don’t really care”). IDK – I don’t know. IIRC - If I Recall Correctly IMHO/IMCO – In My Honest/Humble Opinion/In My Considered Opinion IMO – In My Opinion IRL – In Real Life JK - Just kidding! LAWL - Laugh(ing) a Whole Lot LMAO – Laughing My (rear end) Off LMK – Let Me Know LOL – Laughing Out Loud Lul - A variation of "Lol", the letters don't individually stand for anything. MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game Newb – Newbie (A new person), not usually used to insult Noob – A generally insulting term for someone who is disruptive/inattentive. (Some players think newb and noob mean the same thing, and refer to newbies as noobs.) NP - No Problem NPC – Non-player character (a computer-run person in the game) NTY – No, Thank You Nub – Non-useful body. Most players simply throw this term around. Ofc – Of course OIC – Oh, I See OMG/zOMG - Oh my God/Gosh OMGWTFBBQ - Expresses total shock or confusion to the point of the brain being reduced to barbecue. OMW – On My Way OP – Original Post(er) (forums), Overpowered (class, spell, etc) Pls/Plz/Plox - Please PvE – Player versus Environment PvP – Player versus Player Pwn – Typo of the word “own”, usually used when someone is overwhelmingly defeated. "Pawn/pown" is also sometimes typed. ROFL – Rolling on Floor Laughing RP – Role Play (Usually PvE) RPPvP – Role Play Player versus Player Srsly - Seriously Sry/Soz - Sorry TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read TMI – Too Much Information ToU - Terms of Use, a legal document of most games Troll – Someone who intentionally provokes unfavorable reactions in others TY – Thank You w/e - Whatever WB – Welcome Back w00t! - Originally was a combination of the words "wow, loot!" But is now used just to express excitement. WTF - See below abbreviation; replace "hell" with less desirable word WTH – What/Who The Hell WTV – Whatever XD – A smiley face. Think of the biggest grin you can make.Kagara86 Jun 18 360° VIEW Zygor Guides LLC #1 SerenityGuard Posted 26 January 2018 - 06:39 PM By Allegra Frank Learning the new ranks and the recipes will cost around 340 gold. End at: Share Oculus Go 37.82€ Plunder the Islands of the Great Sea: Scour Azeroth’s myriad uncharted Islands and conquer an ever-changing array of enemies, environments, and objectives. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or enemy players—to collect each island’s resources and fuel the war effort. Assassination PvP Threads 1 to 25 of 13557 About us, policies, privacy June 26, 2018 Tryb gry: massive online multiplayer   Tryb multiplayer:   Internet     ...ślady jak sanek płoza Quests 5.4.8 We haven't confirmed that the replacement vulture is spectral, but we assume it will be. Créer un contenu Comics Thanks to WoWHead’s data mining, we can see the requirements for unlocking Battle for Azeroth’s “Pathfinder, Part One” achievement (a naming convention similar to that of the flying unlocks in past expansions). Zygor Guides Reviews Our Recommendation Gear Item levels in Legion Add Benefits Review Video Game Titles Magnolia: Premium Audio Maiden of Vigilance Guide  Call of Duty Games Hair Care Unit Frames 2.4.3 Paladin posts New Player Help and Guides Company Profiles Xbox One Consoles C.G.U 1.06 World of Warcraft’s long tradition of PvE and PvP server rules will be rewritten with the introduction of War Mode in Battle for Azeroth. The new mode gives players a lot more control over exactly when and where they are or are not eligible for PvP combat. If that sounds like a major change, it’s because it definitely is. 10Replies RESIDENT EVIL 7 Shop All Toys help Quick Links MoP et WoD j'avais testé et vraiment pas du tout aimé, du coup j'avais fini par me dire, bon laisse tomber, wow c'est mort... Cell Phones Événements en cours Skip to primary navigation Text can be customized: font, color, and size can be changed Like us on FaceBook 29.64€ Does the Gotham Steel Pancake Bonanza Really Work? Zygor Guide Review … any good in 2018? PEOPLE ALSO VIEWED 2 Plot If I could ask for one extra feature... Would it be possible to also hide macro text? That's [XXX]Button[YYY]Name (since you already offer to hide [XXX]Button[YYY]HotKey). Change Ad Consent Featured Products Preorder Explore Wikis I personally can not understand how Zygor can claim for lost income from December 2009 when TourGuide was still available on GitHub and until the statement was made that it had been sold. He can no claim that Dugi’s Guides specifically took away his income when people were downloading it for free from various other sites. Stormsong Valley Step explanations can be displayed always or only show on hover over Patch Notes HeadquartersBeavercreek, OH (US) Full list of guides — A full list of all the guides on the wiki! If a tank dies, it can be very hard for another player (referred to as an "off-tank") to save the group from a wipe. To an extent, the same goes for a healer. DPS players, however, can be left for dead or casually revived throughout a fight with little in the way of repercussions. Dependencies Warlock PvP Kezan[citation needed] The next level in leveling guides, such as the TeamiDemise Leveling Guide, put the entire guide in-game. This was slick. You go to the in-game map and see a listing, like this: step 1, step 2, step 3…  Click the step and the marked point on the map glows, making it easy to find and set a waypoint. Posted Jul 23, 2015   • Druccy, gmaia13, paganmomma70, paulorikmaru Where is the world is Zygorguides? Janicki OmniProcessor Feeds Close 4 points Stereo Shelf Systems Added Rotation and Azerite section. Language: English Lóst Featured CouponsStoresCategories4th of July Deals!Blog Ignore Zygor! He is a spineless twit that wants to drive all competition into the ground, and he sees your guide as a direct threat! From my point of view, it makes your product much more appealing then his. If his was the superior guide, why all the drama and legal BS? Latest beta build Release dates Edit Zygorguides is a Private company. For every employee, Zygorguides generates $65.5K in revenue. Zygorguides has 2 followers on Owler. Read less IGN Spotlight The Overstreet Guide To Collecting Tabletop Games Subscribe for the latest gaming news ADD NEW PAGE Boards -3 I love Zygor. It's not for the first run through though. Also... Don't pay for it. 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