Wing Blast Reveal: The Witchwood

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Hunter adds a really powerful spell to its kit.

The card was revealed by Tomatos on YouTube. The video is in Russian.


Screencap from the video

We’ve all seen how powerful the “if minion(s) died, x happens” effect is, even during a single turn. Wing Blast is great in all kinds of Hunter decks, not just Control. It’s easy to activate in an Aggro deck and it’s a valuable removal tool in a Midrange deck. The main question is: do you prefer it to Flanking Strike? I think the answer is yes, although in a Spells Only Hunter the 3/3 Wolf might be a better option.

Are you as excited about this spell? Week 2 of the reveals has started, so you should check the schedule to stay on track (there was already a small mix-up today with Duskfallen Aviana getting revealed earlier than intended). Lastly, our Witchwood hub contains all kinds of useful info about the new expansion.

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