What’s the Move #24 – Broken Mirrors

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This week’s episode features a fresh take on a popular deck, courtesy of Casie.


Situation #22: Let’s Even the Odds


Picking up where we left off last week, we find ourselves in the middle of an odd/even matchup between Warlock and Shaman. I picked this situation partially because it was an interesting spot with many options available to us, and also because its a ladder situation I highly doubt any of my readers have encountered before:




Commenters quickly identified several key factors about this matchup, namely that Defile and Hellfire are off the table for our opponent and that the only “board clear” available for our opponent is Despicable Dreadlord. Our opponent is more likely to have single target removal (such as Voodoo Doll) or is looking to play a demon-related 5 drop next turn in Skull of the Man’ariPossessed Lackey, or Doomguard.

Bozonik summed up this situation excellently in his comment from last week’s thread:



Our options appear to be:

  1. Hero Power + Sea Giant
  2. Dire Wolf Alpha + Vicious Scalehide to full clear
  3. Play Corpsetaker

Option 1 is pretty nice against Despicable Dreadlord. Voodoo Doll makes us sad though, so it might be tempting to bait that out with Corpsetaker or Fire Elemental later.

Option 2 allows us to clear the board, leaving us with a 1 health Dire Wolf, a 2 health Dire Wolf, a 2 health Eel, a 2 health totem and a 2 health Scalehide. Dreadlord is the worst response for us, we lose the first dire wolf and it’ll take the Eel and Scalehide to kill it off too.

With option 3, Voodoo Doll kills off the Corpsetaker and then we lose our one health minions for free. Despicable Dreadlord kills those minions too and breaks our shield.


There seemed to be a consensus among commenters that “Option 1”, Hero Power + Sea Giant was the line here. It puts a big nasty minion on the board, applying pressure and forcing our opponent to have Voodoo Doll. In the heat of the moment I went with “Option 2”, the full clear, but after looking back on things and reading over the comments I believe Hero Power + Giant was the correct line. Despicable Dreadlord is really the only card which gives us serious trouble next turn (since our opponent won’t be able to play Possessed Lackey and kill it) and this line plays around Dreadlord while applying just as much pressure as the other options.

I was secretly hoping that the tap + Giant wasn’t the correct line here (because its the most obvious one), but the obvious solution is often the correct one. If you’re ever in a situation such as this where you have no idea what your opponent is up to, it’s probably best to go for the “obvious” line and not get cute.


Situation #23: Broken Mirrors


Today’s deck comes courtesy of Kevin “Casie” Eberlein, who cut the dragon package from Mind Blast Priest to turn the deck into something with much more of a combo/aggro feel to it. Many pros are pegging Mind Blast Priest to be the next “best deck in the meta” after the nerfs drop, and Casie’s list has a serious advantage in the mirror match:



Though I didn’t find nearly as much success with the deck as Casie did, it did provide me with plenty of interesting situations for What’s the Move! Here’s the one I ended up choosing for this week’s episode:




It’s turn 2, we’re on The Coin, and our ladder opponent just played a Wild Pyromancer. For the purposes of this exercise, we can say that we’re 100% confident our opponent is on Mind Blast Priest. However, this isn’t a mirror match at all. We have Prophet VelenHoly Smite, two copies of Holy Fire (most Mind Blast Priests run just one), and Lifedrinker in our deck, which gives us a huge advantage in late-game Anduin vs Anduin races. Knowing that we have an advantage in the late game should color our decision heavily on turn two, where have a surprising number of options available to us.

So, what’s the move?

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