Weekly Collection Update: May 22

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The Combat Medic and the Dark Prelate will be on sale next week for 375 Gems and Abyssal Deathbringer Sonya joins the fray for the first time!

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Heroic Deals: May 22 – 28, 2018 

Our next set of Heroic Deals will begin on Tuesday, May 22! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below. 

Upcoming Hero Sales

The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end:

Upcoming Featured Skins

  • Night Ronin Zeratul 
  • Prototype Love Doctor Morales 
  • Abyssal Deathbringer Sonya* 
  • Dreambreaker Thrall 
  • Cruel Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan 
  • Kandy King Muradin 
  • Overqueen Zagara 
  • Elite Agent Nova 

* First time featured item!

Upcoming Featured Mounts

  • Hunter Felsaber Demon 
  • Hellboar

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