Voodoo Doll Reveal: The Witchwood

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This little minion offers hard removal to all classes!

Voodoo Doll was unveiled by DawN on Twitch:


Image by Hearthpwn

That’s an awesome design! Voodoo Doll can be useful for all classes: especially Druid, who lacks hard removal; Warrior, who has tons of ways to deal 1 damage; and of course, Warlock with Defile and Dark Pact. Mage can also make use of its Hero Power, but I think Polymorph is a better option and it’s not like the class lacks hard removal. It’s easy to get excited about Voodoo Doll, but we’ve seen a lot of Epic cards that look amazing on paper and don’t really see much play. The combo potential for Voodoo Doll is there, now we need to see its fruition. 

Can this card secure a spot into a deck and see actual gameplay? Bring out your inner deck builders and share your results in the comments below! More revealed Witchwood cards can be found in our dedicated expansion hub.

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