Racials and Trinkets Off the GCD Again Soon (Beta)

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The great GCD wars of the BfA beta continue, as the no-cooldown side strikes a victory today. We got some new info from a forum post that in an upcoming beta build, probably next week’s, racial abilities and on-use trinkets are going back off the GCD!

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Yeah, we agree that having racials on the GCD isn’t feeling great. Having to press multiple buttons in a row that don’t do anything but increase throughput isn’t particularly engaging. While we can resolve that issue within the context of a spec’s toolkit, racials (as well as on-use trinkets) add an extra layer on top of that.

So, in an upcoming beta build (likely next week), we’ll be taking racials and on-use trinkets back off of the GCD.

There’s been a lot of discussion on the issue before, and it was covered in the recent developer Q&A. Here’s the relevant portion:

Global Cooldowns [Learn More]


Why would we ever make a change that doesn’t feel good?

  • Blizzard knows that the change to GCDs would be negatively received, but it is healthy for the game in the long term. Ion compares it to the convenience of teleports back in Cataclysm, where there were portals to capitals in all major cities. They will continue tuning Class abilities to accommodate the changes:

    • In one of the upcoming builds, Heroic Leap / Disengage will be off GCD.
    • Some Warrior abilities will receive an upfront damage increase.
  • GCD changes in Battle for Azeroth are primarily aimed at offensive cooldowns. *Fury Warriors*
  • All specializations have rotational adjustments that are on the table.
  • They see WoW as a fast-paced game (a series of rapid-fire decisions), and GCD sets the pace for the game.
  • World of Warcraft should be about planning your actions in short time frames, not blowing all your cooldowns at the same time.
  • Charge/Dash are on a GCD, but Sub Rogue’s Shadowstep is off GCD right now. It adds flavor to the Rogue “ninja-esque” Class fantasy.

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