PCGamesN Interview with Production Director John Hight

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PCGamesN recently sat down with Production Director John Hight to talk about Battle for Azeroth.

You can read the full interview here.

PCGamesN Interview Highlights

  • After defeating the common foe, it’s time for the Alliance to explore what really happened in Legion (Varian’s death).
  • The story arc in WoW is typically planned two or three expansions ahead.
  • It’s too early to make assumptions and Blizzard has plenty of interesting and exciting twists and turns in store for us.
  • Battle for Azeroth has distinct storylines for the Horde and the Alliance.
  • The faction conflict in Battle for Azeroth harks back to the early days of Warcraft itself.
  • When choosing an Allied Race, they first look at the geography of the space and who the inhabitants were, but in other cases, they need to invent a new race to suit it. Then, they consider their natural tendency to choose the appropriate faction and do some balancing. They don’t want everyone on the Horde to look ugly.
  • The order that they’re putting Allied Races out depends on how the story unfolds.
  • At first, they wanted to roll out Zandalari Trolls even ahead of time, but that wouldn’t make sense, because we haven’t earned their trust or gone through the storylines yet.
  • The release of Allied Races in Battle for Azeroth is planned out, but subject to change throughout the expansion.
  • The decision to put in Dark Iron Dwarves was based on players saying for years that they’ve wanted to play that particular look of dwarf, and have been very disappointed that they never gave it to them.
  • The same goes for Mag’har Orcs. Players wanted more variety in Orcs. The team wanted to do more of an upright Orc, but some of the individual personality traits of the various Orc clans in Warlords are not that distinguishable when you’re armored up, so they decided to make an amalgam of all these different clans.
  • No immediate plans to include the Wildhammer Clan as an Allied Race.
  • They have two members of the design team with a responsibility for the storyline for their particular faction. They sit with each other and communicate on a daily basis. The goal for the factions is to have a unique flavor.
  • They’re okay with separating the content out between factions. It’s what gives a faction part of its identity.

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