Paladin Vs. Kin’garoth Solo World First (7 Hours)

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It’s time for some more insanely long solo boss fights, this time in Antorus, as Rextroy takes his sweet time soloing Kin’garoth in Normal mode with his Protection Paladin. 7 hours for the kill, 35 gold on the corpse and a copious amount of cheese in the strat, mostly featuring adds!



Hey, atleast it took less time to solo than Garothi!

Ilvl 952
Important talents and items: Holy Shield (essential)
Riftworld Codex (survival)
Artifact Relic procced dmg
Hidden Satyr neck enchant
DMG proc trinket

What is going on?!
Phase 1: Whenever adds spawn, they will be aggroed onto you. However by staying outside the arena at the location shown in the video, they will be unable to find a path to you. This leads to them evading as you saw in the beginning. Thankfully, when they evade. The boss won’t despawn. The adds will just go back to their spawning point until a second add spawns at their location.

This causes the second, newly spawned add to go “Don’t just stand there, go get that pally!” This causes the first add (since it can’t find a path) to TP to you and start attacking. The good thing with this is that the boss encounter will go on. Usually it resets whenever an add leave the boss room, but not if they leave the room by teleportation.

After that you have to clear the adds, which is easier said than done. Demolishers are prio target since their Demolish really hurts. You want a defensive up for each Demolish. It is a lot about rotating CDs here, Riftworld Codex (trinket) really helps your survival.

The boss will berserk after 12,5 minutes. Usually the adds will also recieve the berserk, but it appears that the berserk is an aura for the boss. Adds being outside the encounter area will outrange it. This makes you able to clear all the adds without dying.

Phase 2:
So you killed all the adds… but the boss will stop spawning them after awhile, once you gotten him to 46% HP there won’t be any adds left to attack…. From this point you will have to rely on Holy Shield, trinkets and relics to damage the boss and finishing him off

They usually have a 100 yards range. Boss will still go into his Construction phase, causing him to take 99% less damage. My plan was to stay within 100 yards whenever he were able to take damage, and when the Construction phase started, I decided to go outside of my Holy Shields range, to preserve procs for next time. The boss is mainly threatening during the Construction phase, you want to rotate your CDs here. And use Ardent Defender each time.

This process of letting your relics, trinkets, neck enchant, holy shield finish the boss takes awhile. Depending on how many sources of damage you have ready. I Went with Holy Shield / 2x Relics for damage / 1x trinket / neck enchant. I could have taken a second trinket and a third relic to speed it up but… I felt Riftworld Codex was essential for phase 1 against the robots. I also didn’t have a strong third relic with the proc.

Overall this encounter took about 7 hours. Glad I didn’t DC…

Special thanks for helping me grind Oakheart’s Gnarled Root (trinket!)

Shiregirl – Alonsus
Doinkgodx – Outland



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