Noblegarden Event Brings Golden Cards, New Tavern Brawl

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Log in to Hearthstone between now and May 13th to receive two free Golden Cards.


Noblegarden has taken over Hearthstone, making everything from the main menu to the game’s emotes a bit more delightful. Anyone who logs in to Hearthstone between now and May 13th will collect two free golden cards, Eggnapper and Devilsaur Egg!


Hearthstone Screenshot 05-09-18 10.15.39.png


This week’s Tavern Brawl is called “Everybunny Get In Here”, which is a brand new Tavern Brawl for the Noblegarden event. You’ll pick a class and get 10 class cards from it to put into your deck, joining a cast of new and overwhelmingly egg-themed cards. As usual, players will receive a Basic pack for their first win. 


Hearthstone Screenshot 05-09-18 10.06.59.png

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-09-18 10.06.54.png


Each turn, players spawn a 0/2 egg with Stealth on their side of the board. Your deck is filled with dyes which can be played on them, giving them a keyword ability or a stat boost when they hatch at the beginning of your next turn. If you dye your egg, the egg will hatch into a “cute” creature. In my experience, this “cute” creature was always a beast and it never had a Mana Cost greater than 3. If you don’t use a dye on one of your eggs, it will hatch into a 1/3 Bunny with no abilities.

There are a number of new cards for “Everybunny Get In Here”, including the lovable Noblegarden Goblin:

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-09-18 10.09.51.png

Hearthstone Screenshot 05-09-18 10.07.35.png


This Tavern Brawl is highly-RNG dependent, so don’t get upset if it takes you few tries to notch your first win. Warlock seems like the best choice, as it’s difficult for your opponent to pressure you without lucky egg hatches and the extra cards can win you the game.

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