New NA WoW MVPs Announced

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Earlier this year, Blizzard announced changes to the WoW MVP program and their plans to move it to an application-based system. Recruitment is closed now and new MVPs have been selected for North America.

Community Manager Ornyx posted a list of new NA WoW MVPs today. Congratulations to everyone!

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Hey all!

It’s been a long month for me and Ythisens as we worked to review every single entry that we received for the World of Warcraft MVP program. We’ve spent almost every day of the last few weeks pouring through nearly 1,500 entries, reading each and every line as we tried to narrow down our additions to the program.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made our decisions, and we now have a full roster of MVPs who have accepted their positions and are ready to get to work!

These folks come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from moderators of major class Discords, guide writers, to competitive PVP players, and we’re super pleased with the group we’ve formed, and we’re excited to work with every one of them as a part of the program!

You’ll find them active on our forums, fansites, Discords, and more, and hopefully their efforts will have a good impact on the community as we build towards Battle for Azeroth later this year.

Below, you will find a list of your current NA World of Warcraft MVPs, including the new additions. Please join me in giving all of them a big congratulations and a nice, loving forum welcome! 🙂

Byucknah – Agamaggan
Crepe – Drenden
Cyouskin – Stormreaver
Dillon – Sargeras
Eldacar – Boulderfist
Kozzae – Doomhammer
Lull – Tichondrius
Mageski – Sargeras
Metrohaha – Firetree
Mirasol – Mannoroth
Neall- Medivh
Talbyy – Tichondrius
Xakopane – Dalaran
Xanlorash – Area 52
Zinrockin – Kel’Thuzad

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