Lunara Rework Spotlight: May 11

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The First Daughter of Cenarion will be reworked in the latest content patch alongside Diablo.

The goal of the rework is to increase her talent diversity, enhance wisp abilities and offer diverse and rewarding approaches to combat.

Rework Highlights

  • Lunara’s WispWisp ability now has more baseline strategic potential. After hiding in a bush for a while, her Wisp’s vision range grows larger.
  • Lunara’s older wisp talents have been replaced with Sentinel Wisp (available at level 1). The talent increases the bonuses granted after her Wisp has hidden, allowing it to see over obstacles and spot Stealthed enemies, all at an increased range.

    • After remaining in a bush for 5 seconds, Wisp’s vision radius is increased by 200% and reveals the surrounding area.
  • Endless Spores (new talent) decreases the cooldown of her Crippling SporesCrippling Spores ability when she’s poisoned two or more enemies at once.
  • Accelerated Contamination (new talent) reduces the cooldown for Noxious BlossomNoxious Blossom.
  • Both talents pair well with Splintered SpearSplintered Spear which allows Lunara to spread her toxin to up to four foes with a single basic attack.
  • Siphoning ToxinSiphoning Toxin is now available at level 4, allowing Lunara to maximize her healing as she stacks poison on foes.
  • Intensifying Toxin (new talent) greatly increases the damage of Nature's ToxinNature’s Toxin when enemies have three stacks.

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