Is Sombra Next?

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Blizzard released an interesting teaser on Twitter earlier today of what appears to be a dog and the name of an upcoming event dubbed “Nexusmania”.

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While we don’t know exactly what it entails, redditor Furaz noticed that Nexusmania was teased in the Heroes of the Storm Winter Veil 2017 video. Is that Hanamura in the background? Did they just tease the map rework?


Anyhow, redditor Frufo posted an interesting HGC video snippet that appears to contain a Sombra teaser (flashing text that looks like someone was trying to hack the stream). It would make perfect sense to introduce an Overwatch Hero next, because the game’s 2nd anniversary is coming soon and we know Blizzard did something similar with Fenix and StarCraft’s 20th anniversary.

Finally, Darkmight3 seems to have found a silhouette of an unknown Hero in the Dark Nexus trailer. What do you think about all the teasers and hints? Let us know in the comments!

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