World PVPs Finest Is Back

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For years after World PVPs Finest left, the Alliance lost many battles and loyal allies. Many lost hope as we lacked the leadership and drive to defeat the Horde. But those days are over.

World PVPs Finest has returned in full force and we are pushing the Horde back on all fronts. In less than 2 months, we have already grown in to one of the most active and skilled guilds on Emerald Dream with over 600 members on our rapidly expanding roster. Our officer core is very friendly and active, with most having years of experience in WPvP and 2k+ rated PvP. We actively do WPvP events, RBGs, arenas, mythic +, and plan on forming a raid team for ToS and the new 7.3 raid to gear members.

Although many have been discouraged by rogues, tanks, gear and endless amounts of Horde filth, World PVPs Finest is dedicated to returning the Alliance to glory and will stop at nothing until we have conquered the realm. Witness our enemies slaughtered and humiliated after they attempt to challenge us. Not even the Dreadlord’s Deceit can protect them from our strength and resolve.




This is only the beginning. The tides are turning and soon the Alliance will dominate Emerald Dream. Don’t stand by and watch as it happens. This is your chance to stand up for the Alliance and make something of yourself. Glory and victory awaits you in World PVPs Finest. #CTH

For the Alliance!

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