Heroic Uldir Boss Previews: Taloc & Fetid Devourer

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FatbossTV continue to release Uldir boss previews that have been tested on Heroic difficulty on Battle for Azeroth Beta. This time, we’re looking at Taloc and Fetid Devourer.

Uldir raid testing continues this Friday with Zek’voz and G’huun on Heroic difficulty. The raid will remain open for testing on Normal difficulty throughout the weekend.


Taloc’s blood-fueled magic will flood the room with Blood StormBlood Storm. His powerful Cudgel of GoreCudgel of Gore will absorb nearby Blood StormBlood Storms and so can be aimed to reclaim ground. At 60% health, Taloc’s fuel spills into the arena causing him to Powered DownPowered Down and spawn Coalesced Blood and Volatile Droplets. Volatile Droplets will continue to spawn once Taloc reabsorbs his fuel and engages the raid once more.

fHrA7Z2.png Damage Dealers

nACJhxi.png Healers

iJc8x9S.png Tanks

  • Aim the Cudgel of GoreCudgel of Gore to clear away Blood StormBlood Storms.
  • Taunt Coalesced Bloods while Taloc is disabled to keep them away from your allies.

Fetid Devourer

Fetid Devourer engages players, storing up energy over time to unleash Rotting RegurgitationRotting Regurgitation. Periodically, Waste Disposal Units around the room will activate, dumping waste into the room and leaving behind Corruption Corpuscles. Players must kill these before they release Enticing EssenceEnticing Essence, or Fetid Devourer will move to them and Consume CorruptionConsume Corruption, healing and gaining energy. At $262378s4% health, Fetid Devourer will enter into a Fetid FrenzyFetid Frenzy.

fHrA7Z2.png Damage Dealers

nACJhxi.png Healers

  • The primary tank on Fetid Devourer will take more consistent – but overall higher – damage, and the secondary tank will take intermittent, high damage from Terrible ThrashTerrible Thrash. Be sure the secondary tank’s is near full health when Terrible ThrashTerrible Thrash is incoming.
  • After players are afflicted with Malodorous MiasmaMalodorous Miasma, they will develop Deadly DiseasePutrid Paroxysm, which inflicts high damage and requires focused healing.

iJc8x9S.png Tanks

  • The primary tank on Fetid Devourer will take more consistent – but overall higher – damage.
  • As the secondary tank, stand nearby the primary tank so that you are targeted by Terrible ThrashTerrible Thrash, and be prepared for large spikes of damage when it hits.

Uldir Boss Previews by FatbossTV

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