Heroic Uldir Boss Previews: MOTHER & Vectis

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FatbossTV released previews of two Uldir bosses that have been recently tested on Heroic difficulty on Battle for Azeroth Beta.

Seven Uldir bosses have been tested so far (all except G’huun).

MOTHER (Matron of Tenacity, Herald of Endless Research)

MOTHER is the second encounter in Uldir. Players must be cleansed of corruption to proceed with the third boss.

MOTHER will not allow adventurers into Uldir until they have been cleansed of corruption. First, they must pass through her decontamination chamber.


The boss was previously named “Blood of G’huun and it’s the fifth boss of the raid. The encounter consists of two phases.

A sample of G’huun’s blood, animated and run amok. Considered by the Titans to be an infection capable of killing every living thing on Azeroth, its primary disease strain was dubbed the Omega Vector.

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