Glory of the Uldir Raider Rewards the Bloodgorged Crawg Mount

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Players that complete Glory of the Uldir Raider in Battle for Azeroth will be rewarded the Bloodgorged CrawgBloodgorged Crawg mount.

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Uldir is the first raid of the new expansion and we started off boss previews with a look at four bosses (courtesy of FatbossTV).

Uldir houses eight bosses and each of them has an achievement that needs to be completed in order to complete the meta-achievement Glory of the Uldir Raider and get the mount. Individual achievements can be completed on Normal difficulty or higher and we listed them below.


  • Double DribbleDouble Dribble – Defeat G’huun in Uldir after having no player move while holding a Power Matrix on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • EdgelordsEdgelords – Defeat Zul, Reborn in Uldir without any player stepping onto the inner ring of the Oblivion Door on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Elevator MusicElevator Music – Defeat Taloc in Uldir after activating all Orbs of Harmony on Normal Difficulty or higher.
  • Existential Crisis – Defeat Mythrax the Unraveler in Uldir with no player touching an Existence Fragment spawned by another player on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Now We Got Bad Blood – Defeat Vectis in Uldir after infecting Warmother Rakkali with Plague Bomb on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Parental ControlsParental Controls – Defeat MOTHER in Uldir after entering her secret passcode on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Thrash Mouth - All StarsThrash Mouth – All Stars – Defeat the Fetid Devourer in Uldir after having all players hit by Terrible Thrash at least once on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • What's in the Box?What’s in the Box? – Defeat Zek’voz in Uldir after exposing the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron to the Projection of Yogg-Saron on Normal difficulty or higher.

Bloodgorged CrawgBloodgorged Crawg Mount

We datamined multiple recolors of crawg mounts in the past and the Bloodgorged Crawg corresponds with the “dark” tint.


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