Dire Frenzy Reveal: The Witchwood

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Hunter receives another spell.

This card was uncovered by AKAWonder on YouTube. The video is in Spanish.


Screencap from the video

Yet another 4 mana spell for Hunter in The Witchwood, after Wing Blast. It’s a slow card, which again supports Control Hunter. I can the Kathrena Winterwisp and the Emeriss potential. You can also use it on a 1-drop and then use Tol’vir Warden to draw them. And imagine using this on our beloved Huffer! Lastly, we should point out that you can use this on opponent Beasts, too. I can’t tell if this strategy is good enough, but other classes have gotten quite a few Beasts in the latest expansions so it’s not an unlikely scenario.

Any thoughts/comments/complaints about this card?

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