Dev Update: OW Archives Event

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Uprising is back this year and it’s getting a new paint job (and some significant upgrades as well), as Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford take us through the new event. Old loot boxes as well as new ones, two modes for the Kings Row Uprising mission and more!

00:13 – The Uprising mission is coming back!
00:22 – Experience the King’s Row Uprising mission with two modes
01:24 – We’re changing the event this year
02:06 – Archives Loot Boxes will contain last year’s Uprising content…
02:12 – …Plus brand-new content
02:20 – Hear Jeff’s hint at a new skin
02:35 – Tune into the Overwatch League stream to hear more about Overwatch Archives
02:50 – We hope you’re ready for the Retribution!

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