Bogshaper & 3 Warlock Cards Revealed: The Witchwood

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We have a lot of reveals to catch up to today. Let’s get right to it!

Bogshaper, an Epic Shaman minion, was revealed by Pathra on YouTube:


The effect is excellent, it’s an Elemental and 8 Health is quite hard to remove. Bogshaper definitely works well with Hagatha and complements Spells Shaman, which is the direction Team 5 wants to push Shaman to in The Witchwood. The problem is for a card drawing engine this card comes at quite a heavy mana cost, especially if you compare it to similar cards for other classes, like Starving Buzzard or even the card generating Lyra the Sunshard. There’s also the question that we’ve raised about all the other Shaman cards we’ve seen so far in The Witchwood: is Spell Shaman going to be good enough? It’s certainly a different archetype than the one we’re used to, but Shaman is no Mage.

Moving on, we’ve had three simultaneous Warlock card reveals by various Chinese streamers on Warlock is all about self damage in The Witchwood and these cards synergise with each other. The first card, Deathweb Spider, was revealed by Valeera.


A 4/6 Lifesteal (granted that the Battlecry is activated) makes for a powerful body that is difficult to remove. The issue is that even though this card can be strong, I can’t see it fitting in a Warlock deck. Cubelock already has enough healing as it is, even with the loss of Mistress of Mixtures, and its 5 mana slot is more than occupied. A lot of people are arguing that this card could be valuable in Zoolock. I disagree, though: at 5+ mana, Zoolock needs finisher cards and that’s not one of them.

The next card was unveiled by WangShifu.


At first glance this card looks good, but when you start to analyse it, you realise that it isn’t. Don’t be fooled by its mana cost: this card cannot be activated with only 3 mana. It’s a decent turn 4 (or turn 3 + coin) play to drop a Flame Imp or Kobold Librarian and this, but it’s not amazing either.

Lastly, Blood Witch was revealed by Autumn.


This looks like the weaker card out of the three. Blood Witch works well with the previous two cards (especially the Spider) and it fuels the Warlock Spellstone nicely. The stats are also pretty good. However, you will still need to take 1 damage every single turn. The two aforementioned cards can also be activated by the Hero Power, while there are already others ways to upgrade the Spellstone.

Let us know in the comments what you think about these four cards!

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