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Before the Storm by Christie Golden is coming on June 12 and Amazon made a portion of the book available for preview. This article contains spoilers.

Note: Only an excerpt of the book is available, and we need to wait until June 12 learn the backstory and see the full picture. Before the Storm explains events that lead to the Burning of Teldrassil and the Siege of Lordaeron.

It seems that Amazon has removed the preview now. The epilogue can be found here and pages describing key moments here (courtesy of redditor dreamfisher).

We’ve highlighted some interesting facts below:

  • The novel describes both factions coming into contact with the mysterious substance known as Azerite, in line with the Legion epilogue cinematics.
  • Azerite is described as having “drug-like” attributes and according to Anduin, it makes him feel like he can “move mountains” and secure peace wherever he wants. Could Azerite be similar to Yogg-Saron’s Saronite OreSaronite? Remember the mad miners in Northrend back in Wrath?
  • Anduin and Sylvanas arrange a meeting between Humans and their Forsaken family members, even though Sylvanas claims it will only hurt her people.
  • Before the meeting, Sylvanas gives her word that no Alliance member who attends the meeting will be harmed.
  • After initial distrust, most Humans and Forsaken get along well without any issues.
  • Genn comes to a conclusion that not all Forsaken are treacherous murderers and some are the same people they once were.
  • Now comes the interesting part — Calia Menethil (a would-be usurper, and the rightful heir to the throne) secretly attends the meeting, but some Forsaken recognize her disguise and tell Sylvanas.
  • As a result, Sylvanas starts going bonkers, claiming that the meeting was a setup to overthrow her and put Calia on the throne. She does not blame Anduin, because he’s surprised to see Calia there, so that was definitely not planned.
  • Sylvanas told her Dark Ranger to blow the horn for retreat, but some Forsaken remain frozen, not sure what to do. Some even start running towards the Alliance. Sylvanas calls them traitors and orders her archers to kill the Forsaken that hadn’t returned immediately, including those who initially froze, but returned later. Sylvanas does not trust anyone who comes to her only due to fear and not loyalty.
  • Calia gives a speech, telling the Forsaken that it’s time to stop living in the shadows.
  • Sylvanas kills Calia Menethil in the process. She did not break her promise, because Calia was never supposed to attend the meeting in the first place.
  • Calia is then risen as a Holy Forsaken (yes you read that right) by Anduin, because a naaru told him to do so. Maybe we’ll see Holy Forsaken as an Allied Race in the future.
  • Sylvanas had the chance to shoot Anduin, but decided not to do so.
  • Anduin says that Sylvanas would never change, claiming she’s “well and truly lost”.

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