Battle for Azeroth Beta Class Feedback: May 3

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The latest blue posts roundup deals with the Druid Travel form, Mistweaver Monks & Protection Paladins.

Druid Travel Form

In case you’ve missed it, Druid’s Aquatic FormAquatic Form & Flight FormFlight Form now have separate entries in the spellbook as of the latest Beta Build 26530.

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Thanks for bringing this up. It would definitely be ideal for you to be able to have control over something like this, so even though there’s not an immediate solution, I wanted to say we appreciate you making what might have been a difficult post.

On live, you at least have the option of Glyph of the CheetahGlyph of the Cheetah for the ground case, and as you mention, ordinary Swift Flight Form for the air case. I know that’s not perfect since you may prefer to use other appearances–as we try to add more avenues for character customization, I hope we can find a place for this kind of option on Travel FormTravel Form.

Mistweaver Monk

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Quick note–the Thunder Focus TeaThunder Focus TeaEnveloping MistEnveloping buff has a new instant heal component added on beta, which you still benefit from if you Thunder Focus TeaThunder Focus TeaEnveloping MistEnveloping during Soothing MistSoothing Mist. While this loses part of the value of the buff, it’s still a reasonable option to provide for when an instant heal seems important.

All that said, one concern with the current setup on beta is that Thunder Focus TeaThunder Focus TeaRenewing MistRenewing might dominate the other uses of Thunder Focus TeaThunder Focus Tea too often. Some of the exact bonuses it provides may have to be adjusted once everything else settles.

Protection Warrior

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Disclaimer: this is sort of analysis is necessarily rough–beyond these basic estimates, talents and many other things will affect mitigation and overall tank performance in any given context.

Disclaimer 2: I didn’t review your calculations or assumptions, but the approach seems reasonable.

Even based on your own conclusions, you’re greatly downplaying the Warrior’s mitigation advantage in your example. “Only 6.64%” is a very large difference when the Druid is only taking 33.57% of incoming damage in the first place. The Warrior (who’s taking 26.93% of incoming damage) is taking 19.8% less damage than a Druid. 19.8% is a very large mitigation advantage–it amounts to a 25% increase in effective health, which is very close to the 29% higher health the Druid has in your example.

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