Balance Changes to Come After The End of May

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The team has decided to address problematic cards after the end of the HCT playoffs.

The state of the meta is always a hot topic for the Hearthstone community and it’s becoming more and more prominent as the game ages. Even though new decks have been born, the release of the Witchwood didn’t change the best decks and the community has noticed that – Dean “Iksar” Ayala answered a question on this issue only yesterday.

Team 5 has responded to the players’ concerns and is planning some balance changes. These changes will take effect after the HCT playoffs are finished at the end of this month.

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In the weeks after The Witchwood, the Hearthstone team has been avidly reading your feedback and monitoring data at all levels of play. We agree with your concerns, and we’re planning some balance changes after the HCT Playoffs are finished at the end of May. We’re not quite ready to share the details, but we’ll provide an update once the specifics are finalized.

For discussions on this matter, please join the community here:

Thank you for your feedback, patience, and your support.

Cheers! (source)

Which cards do you think are the most likely candidates?

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